“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”
― Benjamin Franklin

Business School for Community Members and Onix Clients

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We drew attention to
current events
- change of economic paradigm - economic crisis 2020 - growth of the cryptocurrency market
We created a digital
business community
- token and cryptocurrency - partner program and MLM business - crypto exchange, online exchange service and crypto bank
We have united
like-minded people
- crypto enthusiasts - traders and investors - MLM entrepreneurs

По каким направлениям идет обучение:

Sales management

You will acquire a sustainable skill and the ability to adapt in a rapidly changing economic environment. Recruiting your team, planning, setting a task plan, motivation systems, monitoring and reporting.

Financial management

Become a financial asset management professional. Master the key financial principles, cash flow laws, baseline statements and metrics for the financial strength of any entity from a personal budget to a large company.

Investment management

Learn about investment rules and relevant tools to preserve and grow your personal savings or family capital. Find out the criteria for making decisions about investing, assessing investment risks, investment strategies, as well as techniques and methods of investing.


A comprehensive program for beginners in stock trading. Learn to trade currency pairs on Forex, make money on the resale of cryptocurrencies, learn why everyone needs trading and how to make money on it, how to use automated trading strategies with trading robots based on artificial intelligence.


Find out the latest personal development strategies that will help you achieve success in the modern world.

Goals and motivation

Practically proven methodologies for achieving goals are collected in one course.

Investment in crisis

We will tell you in detail where you can and cannot invest in a crisis, how to invest using artificial intelligence, what investments are in the blockchain, and you will learn how to create capital in times of crisis.


Learn the skill of big-scale thinking that will affect you personally and the career of your entire team. You will bring the actions leading to the goal to automatism, with a clear understanding of the sequence of actions. Find out what decisions lead to duplication and expansion of the team, how to think in order to continuously grow while maintaining the dynamics in the whole team.

SMM specialist

Learn to design social media communities in an attractive way, draw up a content plan, write quality posts, master the skills of maintaining large and small accounts. Learn the secrets of launching targeted and contextual advertising. Build content activity with proven SMM techniques you'll learn about in the course.

Personal brand building

You will learn what a personal brand is, what constitutes the basis of a personal brand, what you already have and what needs to be finalized and published on your resources. Get a comprehensive guide to promoting yourself on all popular social networks and media. A separate module for monetizing a personal brand and protecting against reputational risks.

Чему вы научитесь

01 Effectively operate in highly competitive markets
02 Control expenses and increase income
03 Choosing the right investment tools
04 Create your own trading strategies and make money on them
05 Understand the market and economic news correctly
06 Psychological resilience
07 How to increase capital and not lose it during a crisis
08 How to increase capital and not lose it during a crisis
09 Monetize traffic with social media
10 Positioning yourself correctly

What you will receive immediately after completing the course:

01 A life full of new emotions, communication and self-realization.

02 Security, stability, raising personal standards

03 Involvement in a constantly growing community united by common goals

04 Independence from social and social upheavals

05 Readiness for the transition to the sixth technological way of life

How is the training going?

Lessons and tasks in your personal account

Group lessons

Online broadcasts

Chats and group dynamics

Offline meetings

Duration of training is from 2 weeks to 4 months, depending on the chosen course.
Based on the results of the formation of groups, you will find out the start date and period of your course.
Take one or more business school courses at once to master the new skills of a successful and prosperous life forever.

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